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About CardShark

With the modern and sleek design and focus on RFID security, the CardShark wallet is created for people who prefer card payments over cash. The modern credit and bank cards, as well as transportation and access cards, have RFID technology (radio-frequency identification) allowing you to process contactless payment transactions. Unfortunately, this technology cannot be switched off and can leave your unprotected cards vulnerable to theft. Using RFID scanners they can access, read and copy the personal information carried by your cards.

All our CardShark wallets are equipped with RFID blocking technology and serve as a secure vault for your contactless cards. You will feel secure that the RFID signals are blocked and any unwanted access to your most important cards is eliminated. CardShark wallets keep your financial banking information safe from digital pickpockets.

CardShark wallet designs are tailored for the modern minimalists – people that seek a lightweight, small and slim wallet to fit perfectly in the pants or jacket pocket. We say no to old-fashioned bulky wallets and aim to unburden you from the unnecessary mess that a regular wallet eventually creates (old receipts, heavy coins, rarely used cards, etc.). Instead, we focus on providing the maximum capacity within the most compact design.

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