How does the CardShark wallet protect my cards?

The modern credit and bank cards, as well as transportation cards, have RFID technology (radio-frequency identification) allowing you to process payments or transactions without inserting or swiping your card through a payment device. Unfortunately, these radio signals can be accessed even when you are not using your cards, leaving you vulnerable to digital pickpockets. Without you noticing, the identity of a card can be easily read and copied using RFID card readers or a smartphone.

CardShark wallets are lined with special metallic fabric which does not allow the RFID signal to penetrate to your cards and blocks any unauthorized reading and copying of data.

IMPORTANT: CardShark wallet blocks RFID signals of 13.56 MHz frequency or higher, which is the industry standard for contactless credit and bank cards. Some cards, such as employee ID badges, access cards hotel room cards, operating at a lower frequency will not be blocked by this wallet. Please test to make sure you are fully aware of your security.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology uses radio waves to automatically identify and track RFID tags attached to objects. Contactless RFID cards have a chip and an antenna for wireless communication and can be read remotely.

At a basic level, each card works in the same way:

  • Data­ stored within an RFID tag’s microchip waits to be read.
  • The tag’s antenna receives electromagnetic energy from an RFID reader’s antenna.
  • Using power from its internal battery or power harvested from the reader’s electromagnetic field, the tag sends radio waves back to the reader.
  • The reader picks up the tag’s radio waves and interprets the frequencies as meaningful data.

The advantage of RFID is convenience. You do not have to remove your card from your wallet in order to pay. The radio waves do not penetrate through metal.

How can I recognize RFID cards?

The latest credit and debit cards, IDs, public transport cards and business access cards have an RFID tag. They can be identified by the following logos:

contactless logos

How do I care for my CardShark wallet?

As with any leather products, some scratching can occur on the leather exterior of the wallet if it is kept together with hard objects, such as coins or keys in your pocket. The leather can be treated with dedicated leather care products or a damp cloth for a regular wipe-off. Please do not use soap for cleaning the leather, as its chemicals can damage it.

What is our returns policy?

We stand by the quality and design of our wallets. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with your CardShark wallet, please contact our friendly support staff via the Contact form. We will be happy to arrange a replacement or a refund and bring the smile back to your face.